Alexandre Ouzounoff (b. 1955)

Follow The River - Volume 1

17 études

A. Ouzounoff: Follow The River - Volume 1, Hrn (0)A. Ouzounoff: Follow The River - Volume 1, Hrn (1)A. Ouzounoff: Follow The River - Volume 1, Hrn (2)
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lt is said that traveling is the best way to leam ... So, here's a great opportunity to brush up on geography while practicing horn! Each etude echoes a musical genre usually associated with the various countries through which these endless - or small - rivers flow.

The two volumes target C2 and C3 Conservatoire students and aim at helping them approach the particular rhythms, scales and tonalities, specific articulations, tempi and playing modes inherent to other music traditions.

Follow the River can only give a glimpse of the wide range of musical cultures, folklores and traditions that developed along those rivers, but I do hope it will arouse the young performers' interest in further exploring the fantastic diversity of so many different musical worlds.

Alexandre Ouzounoff

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