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Valentin Silvestrov (b. 1937)


op. 1 - 5

Also available: Bagatelles (Print edition)

Musical EditionsMusic score
Item no.743034
Author / ComposerValentin Silvestrov
Scope54 pages
Publisher / ProducerBelaieff
Producer No.BEL 686 Q7759


In this edition, Silvestrov has compiled for the first time five cycles from a multitude of 'Bagatellen', his favourite genre in recent years - and even recorded them on CD (ECM). What mainly interests him in the bagatelles is the melody, though not as something complete but rather as an answer to 'momentarily' flashing intonations, calls, motifs which the composer can no longer get out of his ear. The short form makes it possible to capture the 'moment' or 'moment musical' as such and 'bring it to a halt' (Verweile doch! Du bist so schön!... according to Goethe). Thus, the harmless miniatures are not just mere nothings (fr. bagatelle = trivial matters, trifles), they become – as Silvestrov said half in jest - 'sublime trivia in which there is nothing except … music.' (Tatjana Frumkis)


I 3 Bagatelles op. 1 (2005): Allegretto - Moderato - Moderato - II 4 Pieces op. 2 (2006): Lullaby - Pastorale - Bagatelle - Postlude - III 3 Waltzes with Postlude op. 3 (2005-2006): Allegretto - Moderato - Vivace - Moderato - IV 3 Bagatelles op. 4 (Jan. 2006): Moderato - Animato - Andantino - V Postludium op. 5 (2005): Adagio

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