Easier Together – Recorders 2

Együtt könnyebb furulyázni 2

Easier Together – Recorders 2Easier Together – Recorders 2Easier Together – Recorders 2Easier Together – Recorders 2Easier Together – Recorders 2
for2 recorders (SS/SA)
Musical EditionsEnsemble score
Item no.1549881
EditorPéter Perényi
Languagesgerman, english, french, hungarian
Scope68 pages; 23 × 30.2 cm
Release year2022
Publisher / ProducerEditio Musica Budapest
Producer No.Z 20102


Both volumes of Easier Together - Recorders contain short and easy duos that can be performed by beginners either with their teachers or with more advanced learners. The pieces progress gradually from easier ones to more difficult works. This collection of recorder duos can also, with some supplementary material, be used as a recorder method.

In these volumes, the musical experience of two-part playing is further enriched by the use of different recorder types: where indicated, the lower part can be played not only on soprano recorder but also on alto, tenor, or even sopranino recorder. Some pieces include harmonic indications, so an accompaniment can be improvised alongside the two recorder parts. The process of learning and practising is additionally supported by a fingering chart and articulation marks for tonguing, with new musical elements highlighted in the score.

Trombone and recorder teacher Péter Perényi (b. 1954) was for many years the head of the wind department at the Bence Szabolcsi Music School in Budapest. He has held several training courses for recorder teachers, and the recorder gatherings he organised in Budapest gave rise to the National László Czidra Recorder Competition. He is the author and editor of several publications on wind pedagogy, including methods for trombone and recorder.

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