Evgeny Kissin (b. 1971)

Nine Songs op. 5

on Poems by Boris Sandler

E. Kissin: Neun Lieder op. 5, GesKlav (0)E. Kissin: Neun Lieder op. 5, GesKlav (1)E. Kissin: Neun Lieder op. 5, GesKlav (2)E. Kissin: Neun Lieder op. 5, GesKlav (3)
Voice, piano
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Music score (Urtext edition)
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60 pages
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HN 1133


A new work by cult pianist and composer Evgeny Kissin! These nine Yiddish poems were penned by his friend, the author and lyricist Boris Sandler (*1950). Kissin follows in his very folksong-like settings, which are easy for amateur music-lovers to sing and play, the prevailing mood of each poem, the titles of which - such as “Sternlein mit Mandeln” (Little stars with almonds), “Wenn der Kopf kein Topf ist” (When the head isn’t a pot), “Moschl-Kaposchl”, “Was weiss ich” (What do I know) - promise a subtle, cryptic and also entirely profound humour.

This Henle edition presents the Yiddish song texts not only in Hebrew letters, but also transliterated into Latin characters, with an appendix additionally offering German and English prose translations of the poems.


  • שטערנדלעך מיט מאַנדלען (shterndlekh mit mandlen) op. 5,1
  • דיבין (di bin) op. 5,2
  • (פֿאָלקסטימלעך) אָנגעפֿלויגןשוואַרצע פֿויגלען (shvartse foyglen ongefloygn, folkstimlekh) op. 5,3
  • די מאַמע (di mame) op. 5,4
  • אויב דער קאָפּ איז ניט קיין טאָפּ (oyb der kop iz nit keyn top) op. 5,5
  • (פֿאָלקסטימלעך) דער כעלמער קייסער (der khelmer keyser, folkstimlekh) op. 5,6
  • משל־קאַפּאָשל (moshl-kaposhl) op. 5,7
  • ּענדעםהענדעם־ (hendem-pendem) op. 5,8
  • אייסעך־ווייסעך (eysekh-veysekh) op. 5,9
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